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teachers their reporting responsibility and require the administrator to review the policy and allow districts to immediately remove teachers suspected of child abuse and dismiss them at any point. >> veterans of foreign wars, another marine has died in nevada desert over the explosion. mourners held a vigil last night near the park with hundreds turning out to on the fallen marines killed in a training accident. six remain in the hospital. the marines are from camp lejeune, north carolina, training for a night warfare. >> every loss of life is heartbreaking whether that occurs in afghanistan, nevada, camp lejeune, north carolina, or anywhere else. >> the marine corps has suspended use of all 16 millimeter mortars until the investigation is complete.
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the defense department has yet to release the names of the dead. they are all under the age of 30. >> new information on monday night's fatal shooting of a car theft suspect by san jose police. the officer who fired the fatal shot also wounded a murder suspect during a shootout in november. the officer, a five-year veteran, shot a man after officers confronted him in a stolen car. the driver tried to run they will down so the officer fired. we show you where it happened in this area. in november, the same officer shot a man suspected of robbery and murder after a police chase and gun battle that left another officer wounded. >> the city of santa clara is moving forward with the bid to host the super bowl at the new 49ers' stadium in either 2016 or 2017 voting last night to offer concessions to the nfl. santa clara will wave a 10 percent hotel tax on the 350
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rooms the nfl staff would occupy and it would waive a 10 percent surcharge and smaller fees. they hope to make the bid more attractive and competitive with miami, the other finalist to hope the super bowl. representatives will take the pitch to the nfl on may 21. our news reporter will have a live report at the top of the hour. >> it is expected to be a tense gathering when the board of hewlett-packard holds the annual meeting today the shareholders have called for the ouster of half of the board members of at the palo alto high-tech giant made several poor investments including the botched $8 billion take year of a software maker in 2011. h.p. argues reshuffling the director could undermine efforts to revitalize the company. the c.e.o. is working to improve the fortunes of the computer make. >> an investigation is underway in south korea into possible
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cyber attack after computer networks of three broadcasters and several banks were paralyzed in seoul days after north korea blamed south korea and the united states for cyber attacks that shut down west side of the city. it is suspect that a north korean link with tensions high over the nuclear ambitions of the north. some affected networks are up and running. >> president obama arrived in israel over an hour ago making the first visit since taking office. air force landed in tel aviv at 3:15 and was welcomed by several israel leaders including president peres and prime minister binyamin netanyahu. the white house says that the president is looking to reassure israelis that the united states is committed to supporting the country in the face of any threats. abc7 news, katie marzullo, will have more on what is next for the president in the middle east in the next half hour. >> caltrain authorities are
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investigating another fatal accident involving the train system. a train hit and killed a pedestrian in san jose yesterday. a caltrain spokesman says that the person was near a pedestrian crossing south of the station and there was only one passenger on board the train at the time and this was the 4th person killed by a train on the caltrain corridor this year. >> new this morning on the peninsula get ready if a big crackdown on distracted driving. today a police task force is hitting the streets of menlo park and redwood city looking for drivers talking on the cell phones and tempting. traffic officers from law enforcement agencies throughout san mateo county are taking part. officers issued more than 200 citations during a similar crackdown early this year. >> it appears many of us are willing to pay for a faster commute. revenue from bay area toll lanes are higher than projected. they allow solo drivers to pay a fee and jump if lanes normally reserved for car poolers. our media partner reports that
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toll lane revenue on highway 237 is more than 50 percent above projection. the toll users save 5 minutes to 20 minutes compared to other drivers. southbound interstate 680 is bringing up more toll revenue than expected at 33 percent higher on the sue -- sunol grid. time is money, as they say. >> indeed. this morning, time -- you will need extra to get to work. >> is that right, mike? >> from sheas to sausalito we have light rain. this is moving to the east. american canyon, napa, sonoma, you will get wet again. you can see this crosses over into san francisco right along near at&t park and headed down
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to the south and over near oakland and 7th. right now we have a little bit of rain an the san mateo bridge and the dumbarton bridge and 237 from mountain view and sunnyvale toward milpitas and san jose reporting light rain and sunol grade through the tri-valley, light rain right now. east of those areas it is headed your way. we have periods of rain through the morning commute and it switches to showers at noon which become scattered in the afternoon and by the evening hours, a dry push air will move in and it will be breezy and windy and brighter, thursday, friday, and saturday with temperatures near normal if not above away from the coast. >> we have a live shot of the bay bridge toll plaza and you can see drops of water on the camera so there is light rain and wet roads so a great idea and you need to give your extra extra move to move. light conditions on the bay bridge with no delays here.
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the green on the map shows wet roads not where it is raining but wet roads with an accident in santa rosa, nobody 101 the ramp to eastbound 12, it remains closed because of emergency vehicles and an accident is there for at least the next few minutes. check with c.h.p. in the next report. >> 4:39. next, a 4th grader's plea for help. >> a budget crunch puts a san francisco tradition in general by but neighbors are not willing to let the music die but first the tech bytes this morning. >> in today's tech byte, researchers have a virtual assistant you can see who has six basic emotions that can be combined to make hundreds of others. the aio is a desk top computer and tablet but runs two operating windows, windows 8 and
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droid but the "wall street journal" says a hybrid may be too much of a good thing. >> i started using ones and i forgot about droid and i use detroit i forgot i had windows on the same computer. i had a hard time getting used to it. >> the transformer is bigger and heavier than other tablets. >> in one minute on the intent 204 million e-mails are sent and six million page views on facebook and 20 new victims of identity theft. those th
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>> santa clara, san francisco, east bay, and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> good morning, at 4:42. a live look at san francisco across the bay from our cameras. it is still out there and our meteorologist is tracking the rain that will turn to showers
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and sprinkles as we continue the commute. we will have a detailed forecast. >> people are being wanted against going into the water off a popular beach in monterey county. the health department detected high levels of bacteria at lover's point beach in pacific grove. authorities are trying to pinpoint the source. the advisory remains in effect until tests determine the bacteria is safe. health officials say anyone who comes in contact with the contaminated water runs the risk of getting sick. >> santa cruz stores are charging 25 cents for paper bags. the county banned plastic bags last year and charges 10 cents for each paper bag but now they increased it to 25 cents to give peoples' attention. similar laws go in affect in san mateo and santa clara and santa
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cruz on earth day april 22. >> 4th grader in berkeley is betting much needed help from students who are learning a valuable lesson. they are lobbying local politicians and the president to help bring the boy back home. we have details. >> the 4th grade class at jefferson elementary is learning a very personal lesson on immigration law. (inaudible). >> please help us bring him back the. >> they lobbied the berkeley city council to pass a resolution to send to congress in support of bringing home their classmate a ten-year-old. he and his parents' visa expired while visiting family in mexico. january 0, the customs officers denied their re-entry and sent them back to mexico with a five year wait to re-apply for new visas. >> what about our classmate?
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(inaudible). >> in the first berkeley skype session, he, with his parents, joined classmates. >> thank you everyone for what you are doing to try and get me home! >> the students wrote letters to the congressional representatives and the president asking for a waiver called humanitarian parole. >> you are just 4th grade kid but you are doing a big thing. thank you. >> the resolution passed but the 4th graders are not stopping here. they will be on a national news show followed by a lineup of although radio talk shows throughout the week. reporting in berkeley for abc7 news. >> a grass roots effort to save a popular san francisco tradition is kicking into high gear. community groups in the mission district held an emergency meeting to find ways to save
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carnival which can no longer afford the event. groups are looking for 500 volunteers and $175 in donations. enough money has been raised to hold a parade on may 26. >> st. mary's advanced to the field of 64 in the ncaa tournament beating tennessee -- middle tennessee state. they advance to play 6th seed memphis tomorrow in michigan and cal takes in unlv at h.p. pavilion. cal women on the tournament on saturday against fresno state with the president supporting them. president obama picked the bears as a final four schools in the women's bracket and picked cal over-the-top seeded stanford women who are in the same as the
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spokane region. >> he is a smart man. cal, more students, more alumni, more voters, way to go. i am an alumni by the way. >> yes, by the better half went to stanford. >> we have a battle of different systems working their way out is the storm. >> absolutely. live doppler 7 hd shows it is wet to many areas. we have a break on the peninsula. the east bay shore and the south bay and east bay valleys and north bay are showing light to dark green. that is light rain falling but more is developing over the ocean and headed to the east and that means we will have periods of rain through the morning. you can see 87 as we are wet in the south bay near h.p. pavilion and we are mainly in the low
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50's around walnut creek and palo alto and oakland and san francisco and mill sea at 49 -- mill valley at 49. looking toward the east bay it looks clear right now with just a light rain moving through san francisco. santa rosa and napa in the upper 40's but fairfield and livermore and los gatos, if you live in those areas dress for low-to-mid 50's. today, we are going to have waves of light rain, even scattered showers this afternoon. it will be breezy and brighter thursday and friday and there is another chance of rain next week before we round out march. we will hope it brings us more rain than today and better times. we getting the wetness on the ground for the morning commute. you can see the lows well to the north so we are on the tail end of the system and it will ever so slowly move from north to south across the bay area today. it will bring us our final rounds of rain as the winds are rolling in from the west you can see the wet weather continue through the better part of the
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morning as we head to the afternoon and evening hours, it starts to clear out and the wins kick up tomorrow and you can see the sunshine coming into the forecast. rainfall amount hoping for an additional .25 to .5" in the north bay mountains and up to .1" in the south bay. today we have temperatures in the 50's to low-to-mid 60's away from the coast and you can see 70's are back at least away from the coast and toward our inland area for friday, saturday, and sunday and even monday and tuesday of next week. have a good day. >> we have wet roads as is obvious from the forecast. you can see the sheen on the bridge. traffic is light. that is good news. you may need the wind shield wipers but we have a nice drive between hayward and the peninsula. actually, both directions are good. the green shows wet roads where the rain has fallen but not necessarily falling now. we have an accident north 101 the ramp to eastbound 12 is completely shut down because of
4:48 am
an accident for the next few minutes. we will check back with c.h.p. and they are telling us "any minute, any minute, any minute." we will let you know when we hear. >> at the vatican the pope meets with dignitaries tomorrow following thing inaugural mass attended by hundreds of thousands the vatican says the pope met with the president of brazil and also meet later with members of the latin american jewish congress. president obama another -- has sent a letter to work for peace, security and dignity for people of all faith. >> coming up, it is supposed to be a heavy haven for seals and their pups but one city leader is being forced to close a beach to people. >> it is stunning. could the next soda be a matter life and death?
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>> and live doppler 7 hd is tracking showers across the bay area.
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>> welcome back at 4:53. this story you have to pay close attention to. a stretch of beach in san diego is off limits to beachgoers at night after a hidden camera caught on video people abusing the seals in the worst way. the camera recently caught two women harassing pregnant seals at night. the camera also captured people actually punting and kicking the seals and sitting on them. the mayor of san diego has now issued an emergency order to keep people off the beach at night until the official end of the birth of seals in may.
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>> transportation officials have voted to build a mobile phone application to connect passengers to taxicabs throughout the city. the municipal transportation board voted unanimously yesterday to change the transportation code to allow the mobile phone service to be implemented. the legislation comes from growing competition from other ride share and cab service programs that already take advantage of the conductivity of small phone customers. >> when it rains catching a cab is tougher and we have had rain? >> no doubt. mike? >> we are going to start with what going on outside. we have wet weather out there today. we have high temperatures in mid-50's at the coast and upper 50's to low 50's for the rest of us. be prepared for wet weather at any time. the moist flow is still coming in from the west. we do have snow at the highest elevation in the sierra but a lot of rain down to the lake levels.
4:53 am
here is what will happen if you are traveling: most of the wet weather along 80 if not south of that today, we will have 60 at sacramento and monterey, and 50 at tahoe and snow above. about accident if los angeles with mostly cloudy conditions and cloudy and 90 at palm springs. >> we have live shot of 80 through emeryville on the way to the macarthur maze and the berkeley curve. it is relatively light and wet roads most of the morning for the commute. extra time is the key this morning. we still have this ranch closing in santa rosa, northbound 101, to eastbound highway 12, accident there has emergency vehicles on this ranch if the next few minutes and it is completely shut down. the exit just south, santa rosa avenue is the alternate to get back to eastbound 12. kristen and eric? >> university of california faculty leaders are taking a stands against giving degree credit toss students for online courses offered by outside
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institutions. they have endorsed an open letter opposing a bill if sacramento calling for letting students at california public universities and colleges get credit for the most popular lower division courses taken online from outside providers if and only if the class is full on campus. the academic says this will privatize public higher education with no quality criminal. >> state investigators are reprimand kaiser permanente for mismanaging their mental health services. officials say they make patients wait too long between appointments and dispenses inaccurate information, possibly discouraging patients from getting therapy. the information came to light in a recent report. state regulators have to decide if kaiser permanente will face fines. >> new statement on autism shows more cases than ever. one in 50 schoolchildren has autism, which includes language, social, and behavior challenges.
4:55 am
the centers for disease control says this means a million americans children may have autism and they attribute the new higher estimates to high are awareness. the survey may impact the amount of time and money spent on supporting autistic kids. >> sugar drinks contribute to more than 180,000 deaths each year. researchers from harvard use data from health surveys around the globe and found sugar drinks linked to thousands of deaths from heart disease, diabetes, and cancer. critics say the researchers made leaps to conduct the airlinements to the beverages. >> they have a brand new stadium, and now santa clara city leaders want a super bowl. next, we will crunch the numbers and reveal why it won't come cheaply. >> popular chains say they will take their fish natural. what you will not find next at the seafood counter when you shop. >> tracking showers across the bay area this is activity in our region. we are tracking the latest
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>> live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> good wednesday morning at 5:00. thanks for starting your day with us. i am christian z. >> i am eric thomas. do not be surprised if you have to use your wipers this morning^. >> mike? >> we have live doppler 7 hd and we will look at a lot of green on the radar this morning. that is light rain. there is some yellow moving across 24. it is headed to the east. lafayette will have rain in the
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next two or three minutes and same for walnut creek in eight minutes. to the north and the northwest corner of contra costa county, a nice system moving through to hercules and headed to martinez in 12 minutes. in 20 minutes, the rain will pick up in concord and 29 minutes in bay point. a lot rain in the south bay. it is all light but in san francisco and daly city and headed to sausalito and mill valley the rain is about to pick up. sue? >> adding on to that we will look at san jose where we have wet roads and 87 northbound direction with the headlights headed pass the h.p. pavilion and light conditions and wet roads are the key. again, the green on the map showing where we have wet roads but not necessarily rain. a couple of situations in the north bay, first in santa rosa the ramp eastbound 12 to northbound 101 is closed with emergency vehicles on the scene

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